I sow your field
with silence words
fertilized with poem of music.
In every deposited seed
my fortitude and knowledge is impregnated
to create your ardent paradise.

Four seasons have to pass:
rains that bathe your evenings of nostalgia,
autumn that strikes the heart,
spring where your body is a pleasure
And finally the summer has come
harvest of your body fascination in flower.

The universe is our bed
You the ground,
me who is the sky and the rain that fertilizes you
So that in you curdle the fruits of love.


The stripe continues
our lives.
The cut away stripes
the love.
Reading of the exagrama:
Love her as you love yourself.


Perhaps the ocean is your skin,
the ship: my hands and fingers,
the froth: the moisture of your sex,
the wind: the pleasure groans,
and the bravery of the sea,
the bravery of the sea... will be our desire.