Our bodies float in the sea of the passions
where new desires are born
sailing adrift in delivery waves
to die in the beach of delirious
without surrender to the storm of love


I want to live the experiences I have not lived
I want to live those moments
that remained incomplete
to love you in a
total entire form and for a long time
I wonder What have I done and I have not done?
and in a deep meditation
where my closed eyes see again
the moments I lived with you
as gift to my existence they express
you are the source of my nature and my mind
alpha and omega of my existence
place where they all want to go
and where they all go


You are the earthly and heavenly music
in my body in my soul
You are visible and invisible
in time and space
balance and stability in my life
You are the beloved temple of Shangri-la
where you live like deity of the love and the sweetness
You are the lotus flower in the lake of the nenuphars
because you preserve the delight of the free beings
with your pleasure perfume you fill my
body and mind awakening my imagination
You are the sacred tetrad symbol and source
from nature and model of the gods
You are the teacher of the mastery of sensations
eternal source of wisdom where
we mortals give our offerings to your mysteries
travelling as pilgrims to your heart and spirit
that is the secret kingdom of the mysteries of life


Who has the possession of your desires
of your large doors of the passion
of your kingdom of the days and the nights
where the pleasures dance and
the dissatisfactions become extinct
to turn into realities of
loving each other with time and no time
in a lechery bed where the souls melt
up to crossing the threshold of the light
of our consciences