Your naked body emits moans
of love and fire claiming
to visit the corner of your world
most coveted which reconciles
in the language of sex dialogues
that condemns us to a life imprisonment
of delirium and fusion


On a night claiming redhead
your red frenzy begins everywhere
and often do not reach any
leads me to the real site and always desired
I'm ready to assault your estuary
where goldfish swim
that inhabit our galaxy
I suck your depths
where float making love
then elevate the harbor of your life
inseminated after your cycle mutant Love


I have come to the hot night of your soul
I have come to stay
calm your anxieties
ease your sorrows
that lie in your heart
I have come to stay in your dreams
  and achieve load you hope
in order to start the path to a new night
That is the only path that will lead to a heart overflowing
and together we will cross the long stretch of the new day
where our privacy is the abode of love
altar of pleasures
  Heart Shrine
pleasant refuge of calm and silence.
There in that sacred temple
be the rightful place Charms


You are the dam holding
my ocean of passions
but a small opening will be enough
for the pressure of my sensibilities
 to flood strongly the deep tunnel 
leads to the dream of the daydreams
 to the place without time 
where nothing moves
 but neither stops 
but changes is an eternal mutation 
learning from the past
 challenge for the present


I am the unicorn that comes to drink
 in the mysterious sources of your sacred sex
 whose abysses hides the warmth of desire
Your image makes my soul escapes of its abode
to penetrate in the solar regions 
of your magic skin marked with miracles
 where I feed on your divine light
 provoking the ecstasy of rising me up to the sky


The beauty is delight with you 
since you shine like star in the ether 
for being an extension in the ground
 height in the sky 
depth in the sea 
energy in my matter 
where you light the wilderness
 of my space and time. 
You are life because you created it 
You are fire because you burn
 in the molecules of my passion
 that excite my senses
 up to reaching you
and penetrating
 in your celestial abysses
 mansion of gods 
and creator of the eternity


My love has usurped the dimensions
Unlimited all your hopes
where you kept the arcane prodigy
of being loved
I stirred your memories that are branched 
in the labyrinths of time
and limpid solitude
managing to turn the light of love
to enlighten your soul