In the silence of my night your love penetrated in my body
saying to me I have listened to the groans of your soul and
I have come to accompany you Open your heart
and I will take you to the universe where voice and echo melts
light and shade in the most luminous and pure love
Ask me that I will show you the way
where the world moves to the swaying of our passions
from the beginning at the end of our days
and learn the joys of our lives brings us together
because love has no beginning and no end
since it is immortal as the lives


Today I want to caress you with my words
as a deep and long sigh to rise you up to the sky
to reach you with the silence of my voice
that is going along the paths of your air
to reach you and sheltering in your body
liberating the fire of inside of myself
liquid gold that penetrates and transforms
purifying our bodies with love flames
Absorving all the flavors of your flow
ardent caresses open lips burning skin
passion that will make us climb free of distances
to get the Nirvana of our paradise
where you are my home and my refuge of my heart beating
And although any day nothing existed
your love will always be There in me...
..... and my love always in you


At the dawn of eternity I cross the threshold of light
to float in the absolute space after all traces of your kingdom
until to find you in the dimensions without time
where the feelings exist like the only reality

You come to meet me dress like a burning sun
as a fire serpent with magical powers
sacred image of love tattooed on the sky of my soul
where I impregnate myself with the ardent prism of your blood

I absorb all your feelings of ecstasy
ritual of lovers at the inmortal wheel of desire
mandala of flames drawn with the ardour of bodies
sheltered in the golden bed of our universe


You live as I imagined in my mind
as a beautiful dream
of the tangible reality
Help me to look with your eyes
help me to look with your heart
help me to fly with your wings
yes to fly up to the end of the world,
to sow with love your fertile earth

I love you in the winter storm
in the autumn solitude
in the summer ardor
in the spring energy
and covering your body all seasons long
my hands remain pansies
with desires of keep touching you

You are the revolution of my feelings
you come where I never believed you could come
I enjoy every second that I have you
I can reach the sky caress it

Undresses for me in body and soul,
I find inside you
the secrets that you were keeping for me
I smile when I have you,
it is so easy if you are with me,
listen, do not doubt this is sincere
and I do not stop thinking about you


To travel in the route of your life
of you lips I will drink
drop to drop the love

From your lips I will be covering you
absorbing all the desires
accumulated in your skin
and without forgetting any chink
I will come up to your ardent center
and crossing forests abysses and springs
I will penetrate in there
to keep on traveling
drop to drop in the love


The stars turn off
the darkness dawns
open legs
a shaded and dark forest waits for me
it is your soul asking for love
Your lechery lips approaches
with your velvety tong playing dances
caressing savouring the sensation of the desire and madness
Your belly attracts me
it absorbs me
where is your sweet and stormy sea
it gives to me heady desires
there I shelter to take delight
and to melt with the light of your passion.
You give me your love
I give you my soul


You are the book that contains my soul
every narrated sheet is my life
and in every written letter is my passion
You are the magic that represents the alchemist of Gutenberg
with your mobile types you make detach of the book
paper from memories and ink with the smell of love
you have it printed there on your heart
Every followed point is your absence
Every final point represents my nostalgia
the semicolon remains suspended in the desire
the point and semicolon unite your absence
my nostalgia and our desire
so throughout the text is reflected the expression of our love


I live in the labyrinthine city of Love
I feed myself with the soul of its inhabitants
and in my nights I dream of those beings
with and without name
with and without face
They accompany me in my gait
I speak the oldest language of the earth
of the heart with all its derivations
in drafts, forms and idioms
I know the mysteries of life
with past and future experiences
of the relations of the soul and of the body
of the seduction and the relationships
I shelter myself with the fire of passions
of the long and deep relationships
of the affectionate gratitude full of memories
I studied the philosophy of love
in the Academy of Sciences of life
And with this vast experience and knowledge
I have come to the conclusion
that you are the most divine spirit
of my spiritual revolution


Putting into practice my art and office
I do readings of your memory
of these stories that they wake up in my soul
flames of the time that manipulate my senses
they alter my reason excited my feelings
and they expand my borders of the desire
that like sweet narcotic produces delight to me
And this way on having felt your epidermal eroticism
my breathe loaded with twinkles
it enters your soul and body
as a tenuous blow of a god
flying towards your entrails to discover
your universe filled with desires and passions
and adorable fantasies
and I surrender to your love flames


Crossing the borders of my heart

crossing the threshold of time

to get you in the vastness of the universe

the music of the celestial spheres guide me

to get to you the brightest star

where a spark of the divine light

will unite us in eternity

purifying us by the sacred fire

your essence sealed to my heart

we shall be two consecrated existences

we shall love to each other in the enclosure of the earth

where we will materialize the magic encounter

of the liberation of our souls


At night when you sleep
you dream that perfumed rain falls down
on your radiant forms of sensual goddess
it is my ardent transformed blood
to make you tremble with sensations

You absorb drop by drop my liquid energy
that invades you like hungry fever
penetrating the infinite elixir of your temple
your chalice gets my ardent wine
incessant liquid running for your veins

I cover the depth of your entrails
submerged in the labyrinths of your tremulous body
caressing you like invisible luminous flame
intimate resplendence that loves you in plenitude
from within of your soul


For the streets of my life your love will live
like ambulant of my nostalgia
every step towards you is
like drinking my existence itself
to getting drunk of my happiness
and to be transported to the big meridian of dreams
where I live in the rest of my happiness
and of my solitude


I am going to set off to the silence of your soul
in the vehicle of the mystery
and to cover with my lost steps
the recondite limits of your body
I only have as guide the music of the spirit
it emanates to me from the festival of my life
that in compases of passion of pleasing dance in harmony
to record in my memory
the feels of the fantasy of your love
that like creative magic
take me for the most direct way to the paradise


You have the secret map
of the mines of love
where they are drawn clear lines
the destinies of your skin, of your mind
the scar in your soul
and all the memories of my heart
The enigmas of this map
decipher the theory of love to you
that teaches you to discover
where it flows the wealth of life
and the treasures of the pleasure
I have my treasure already
that it is your kingdom
where I look for you, and I find you
you are my verses
the dimension of your being


Lady fighter of my ardent desires
of the silence and the time
Your struggle is my passion
Your affectionate art fills of ardors
it is my refuge in the time of my sleep and appetites
Fighter of the beauty
Fighter of the fire and the passion
with your victorious singings
the war you declare with love
that impassive waiting
in the trenches of the fire
to fight in the field of battle
the rebellion of the lack of affection
and with songs of fanfare of ardent desires
you go to the battlefield
conquering territories of pleasure


You are the teacher of you own self
the goddess Artemis who supports
the capital of the temple of love that looks at the sea
where the blind of your passion
walk adrift along the beach of the desire
Unable to resist to your beauty to your temptation
From there they recite prayers
to reach the way that will come to your love
and to be purified in the waters that outcrop
From the deep lake of your being
to be purified and to acquire conscience
being holders of the secret of the eternal life


I like the warmth and coldness of the women
because they have their own beauty
But you are the one who possess all these attributes
that includes the existence itself
This is your enchantment

You are the intensity of the totality of my life
since you know the secret of the moment
where I remain inebriated
devoted to your kingdom
where I penetrate to other dimensions of my being
and I give in to myself
acquiring the freedom of the ether
and again to immerse myself in you

I know that you can not resist
to your own temptation
you surrender
you open the way for me
to be able to go along the alleys of your being
and this way your own capitulation is your own transcendency


I want to be the concentration of fire
heat your happiness
be like toy of passions
that ignite your volcanoes

I dress you in lava of memories
to cross your skin path after path
undressing yours fears
Uncovering your laws
allowing the vehemences reign your body
in such a way that your soul ascends in radiant ether
and your body becomes divine race