You are the theosophical doctrine of my life
because you do not allow the flame be extinguished
connecting my body to your holy temple
because you are the custody of the forces
that transmute the earth into fire
the investigation in the analysis of our reason
of being in the immortal beauty of our spirituality
inspired by the love that accompanies our lives.

You drive the two trends of life
yin and yang of understanding and mastery of the realities
in the ardent desire of our human world
that you convert the dream of my soul in a magnet
that drives crazy the needles of your compass


You are a butterfly that you grew in the stars
and you cover the skies in your way to my body
where you leave traces of colored kisses
that sing to the silence of the time
to the times that witness the presence
of the strength of our love
My beautiful butterfly that you land
in the flowery garden of my body
where your wings keep the pollen of the memories
and this way oblivion will never come
because exists the night breath of your sheets
where the force of the love sleeps