For the streets of my life your love will live
like ambulant of my nostalgia
every step towards you is
like drinking my existence itself
to getting drunk of my happiness
and to be transported to the big meridian of dreams
where I live in the rest of my happiness
and of my solitude


I am going to set off to the silence of your soul
in the vehicle of the mystery
and to cover with my lost steps
the recondite limits of your body
I only have as guide the music of the spirit
it emanates to me from the festival of my life
that in compases of passion of pleasing dance in harmony
to record in my memory
the feels of the fantasy of your love
that like creative magic
take me for the most direct way to the paradise


You have the secret map
of the mines of love
where they are drawn clear lines
the destinies of your skin, of your mind
the scar in your soul
and all the memories of my heart
The enigmas of this map
decipher the theory of love to you
that teaches you to discover
where it flows the wealth of life
and the treasures of the pleasure
I have my treasure already
that it is your kingdom
where I look for you, and I find you
you are my verses
the dimension of your being


Lady fighter of my ardent desires
of the silence and the time
Your struggle is my passion
Your affectionate art fills of ardors
it is my refuge in the time of my sleep and appetites
Fighter of the beauty
Fighter of the fire and the passion
with your victorious singings
the war you declare with love
that impassive waiting
in the trenches of the fire
to fight in the field of battle
the rebellion of the lack of affection
and with songs of fanfare of ardent desires
you go to the battlefield
conquering territories of pleasure