Our bodies float in the sea of the passions
where new desires are born
sailing adrift in delivery waves
to die in the beach of delirious
without surrender to the storm of love


I want to live the experiences I have not lived
I want to live those moments
that remained incomplete
to love you in a
total entire form and for a long time
I wonder What have I done and I have not done?
and in a deep meditation
where my closed eyes see again
the moments I lived with you
as gift to my existence they express
you are the source of my nature and my mind
alpha and omega of my existence
place where they all want to go
and where they all go


You are the earthly and heavenly music
in my body in my soul
You are visible and invisible
in time and space
balance and stability in my life
You are the beloved temple of Shangri-la
where you live like deity of the love and the sweetness
You are the lotus flower in the lake of the nenuphars
because you preserve the delight of the free beings
with your pleasure perfume you fill my
body and mind awakening my imagination
You are the sacred tetrad symbol and source
from nature and model of the gods
You are the teacher of the mastery of sensations
eternal source of wisdom where
we mortals give our offerings to your mysteries
travelling as pilgrims to your heart and spirit
that is the secret kingdom of the mysteries of life


Who has the possession of your desires
of your large doors of the passion
of your kingdom of the days and the nights
where the pleasures dance and
the dissatisfactions become extinct
to turn into realities of
loving each other with time and no time
in a lechery bed where the souls melt
up to crossing the threshold of the light
of our consciences


Love and hate coexist as universal law
as two sides of same coin
you choose and not choose the day
as also the night
light and shadows of life, day and night
halves of a whole as an essential part of being
You can live in the conscious or unconscious
as you have the option of choosing neither one nor the other
but both full day and night
and live the truth in your utter nudity
if you have chosen to love
you will live through a beautiful phenomenon
around the circumference of a perfect circle
whose center contains everything and rejects nothing
causing a revolution in your being
where you become your own architect
to build the deepest chapel in your soul
the most authentic experience of your life
because you have been discovered by love
and for the wisdom of your heart.


You live harmoniously in the deepest
of the immortality of my soul
in my memory where so many times
we love each other covering you
of tenderness, passion and pleasure
in illuminated combinations of fire and light
you live in the deepest darkness of my being
disappearing in the soil of my heart
to dissolve and then to germinate
like the most beautiful flower of the perfection
born of the gift of the pleasure of love


Loneliness does not hurt
me because you live in me
and my ear manages the way to
listen the rumors of your love
and to perceive the steps of the passion
that claim our presence in a kind of ecstasy
of vitality and immortality

In my solitude I put my thoughts
on the edge of the moon to draw the perfect circle
where love turns without beginning or end
and in this way learn to decipher the language of fondness
so that the nights are the two of us and before
the sunrise to offer love to overflow us

And in this way the harmony of
the universe will be our song Gathas
our sanctuary shelters our passion
that in the shape of sounds emits the emotions
emanating from our bodies
and in this way the purpose of our souls will
remain fulfilled with our persistences


You are the theosophical doctrine of my life
because you do not allow the flame be extinguished
connecting my body to your holy temple
because you are the custody of the forces
that transmute the earth into fire
the investigation in the analysis of our reason
of being in the immortal beauty of our spirituality
inspired by the love that accompanies our lives.

You drive the two trends of life
yin and yang of understanding and mastery of the realities
in the ardent desire of our human world
that you convert the dream of my soul in a magnet
that drives crazy the needles of your compass


You are a butterfly that you grew in the stars
and you cover the skies in your way to my body
where you leave traces of colored kisses
that sing to the silence of the time
to the times that witness the presence
of the strength of our love
My beautiful butterfly that you land
in the flowery garden of my body
where your wings keep the pollen of the memories
and this way oblivion will never come
because exists the night breath of your sheets
where the force of the love sleeps

I slide cautiously in your silent night
stumbling over your mysterious moon
that reflects the way of your vale
where your forest is today a solitude and silence
I love and miss the song of your night
the murmur in the distance
I listen from your springs
the feel of your tremors
the smell of your desires
All this confuses me
and therefore I cry out to the world of dreams
that moves me to your world of spring


That the ego of the force saves inconveniences
let yourself to be loved
your flesh needs it


I wake up you and my blood wakes up

for the fever that it waves

in your intoxicated skin of my skin

I overflow like a river

that runs to look for its bank

In this moment your arms

there are two branches of another lovely dream

with leafs that they shelter

not to him

but to my five corporal domains.


Molded bosoms of millennial clay
- sensitive scales –
- to roar of bells –
with two ruby crucibles
that crown the dance
- golden spheres –
- craters in flames –
- challenging summits –
- not promoted mountains –
- flowers between rocks –
- precious stones –
- diamantine hills –
- full moons –
- to sing of sirens –
- proud pigeons –
- flights of larks –
- playful gulls –
- rains of stars –
- constellations in shades –
- sweet conches –
of affectionate fantasies
close to your vale of the silence

In the most southern area of your taboos
in the infinite land of your kisses
in the most remote attic of your euphoria
there where the abyss threatens your sanity
there... and not in another place... I look for you.

I know

the power of the flesh the prohibited

of the desire of the kiss

I know

the power of the words

of the silence of the caress and the look

I know

the power of the past of the present

and of the always uncertain future

I know

the power of the desire

of the secret feelings

that hide behind the shades

I know

the power of the fears

that grip a soul that despair

I know

the panic the horror and the fright but also

I know

the power of the magic

of the force of the illusions and the dreams

that will take us to the library

of the happiness where

we will own other worlds.


I love you in the divine desire
and in the ardent pleasure.
And on having searched for your words
I find kisses, caresses
and passions that devour us.

I love you in your soul, in your body
and as pact of love
I want to drink which hummingbird of your nectar
like marsmelows of thousand colors
that emanate from your sources
in the depths
of your harmony sea.

There I wish to live.


Remain naked
with your fresh breasts on my chest
and your vagina wrapping my erection.
Remain naked
so that I kiss that I love you
so that I caress your figure with my lips
and mark the shores with fire.
Always remain naked
for me.


It is possible that they tie you with chains,

that thinks to be proprietors of your body,

that shut you up with bars.

It does not matter, close your eyes,

open your wings and lifts the flight

wherever I am.


Last night I found you again.
Last night, you were there,
white, pure, radiant
like an angel of white wings
and soft skin that you have always been.
Last night I found you again, looking at me,
waiting for a gesture, a look, a call,
longing for only one wink.
Last night you were there,
anxious for give yourself and to get lost,
anxious to fly to the unknown world,
but already real world.
Worlds where... are not only words, but feelings.
Perhaps were you also an angel of white wings?


I am the one that all the dawns die
and all the dusks born for you.


What will say my solitary soul

on having entered the interior of the woman

that represents the entire universe

and to walk along her paradise of loves

listening to the music of her unnerving violins

of the kiss and her lustful pantings

that shakes her fecund belly

wise and learned in the delights of love.

She invites me to slide repeatedly to the rhythm

of the warm music from the paradise of loves

that makes rock her life

in giving clouds

of eternals delights

that expresses hidden secrets

in cases of solitude

medallions of memories

and nostalgics parchments.

It is delightful to remind her in this way

and to know she is with me.


I sow your field
with silence words
fertilized with poem of music.
In every deposited seed
my fortitude and knowledge is impregnated
to create your ardent paradise.

Four seasons have to pass:
rains that bathe your evenings of nostalgia,
autumn that strikes the heart,
spring where your body is a pleasure
And finally the summer has come
harvest of your body fascination in flower.

The universe is our bed
You the ground,
me who is the sky and the rain that fertilizes you
So that in you curdle the fruits of love.


The stripe continues
our lives.
The cut away stripes
the love.
Reading of the exagrama:
Love her as you love yourself.


Perhaps the ocean is your skin,
the ship: my hands and fingers,
the froth: the moisture of your sex,
the wind: the pleasure groans,
and the bravery of the sea,
the bravery of the sea... will be our desire.


sank in the marsh of the words
from which I went out
impregnated with your name.