I am the solitude and melancholy
rain and thunderstorm
of your sober nights of  autumn and winter
 I am the deep pleasure
of love and devotion
of spring and summer.
Declarations that arise from my genes
on having been in love with you love architecture
wrapped in fragrances of sexual making
we dance to the intimate chords of desire
where our souls  are lovers of pleasures
they glisten like ardent footprints
in the silence of half the noise.


I come in the night
dark of your time
I have come to stay
to stir your heart
with flames of passion
ecstasy of lust.

I have come that you dream
fleeing on horseback of hope
to a new night
perfect time
That is the only route
that leads to my feeling
to go together
the long stretch of the new day.

And on the night of ecstasy
our intimacy will be
abode of love and time
altars of pleasure
shrine of feelings
pleasant haven of calm

And in the silence of your sacred temple
expel the frigid theory of pain
to be the rightful home of charm


I am a river
in search for your secret sources.
I have slid from your hills
to walk along this vale
with smell of wet ground
to continue into the gloom
of your forest of desire.
It has been a passage winding obstacles
polishing stones
jumping cascades
overflowing of my margins
and now I have come to the rim
of your lake of sceneries of passions
to give you my wealth
this liquid of life that it maddens
of love and memories.
I discover captivated my end
where I will remember we are one.


There is nothing more sensual
that lovemaking between
two sheets with smell of pleasure
where love is enchantment 
fate binds your life and mine
sentencing us to die of love