In the most southern area of your taboos
in the infinite land of your kisses
in the most remote attic of your euphoria
there where the abyss threatens your sanity
there... and not in another place... I look for you.

I know

the power of the flesh the prohibited

of the desire of the kiss

I know

the power of the words

of the silence of the caress and the look

I know

the power of the past of the present

and of the always uncertain future

I know

the power of the desire

of the secret feelings

that hide behind the shades

I know

the power of the fears

that grip a soul that despair

I know

the panic the horror and the fright but also

I know

the power of the magic

of the force of the illusions and the dreams

that will take us to the library

of the happiness where

we will own other worlds.


I love you in the divine desire
and in the ardent pleasure.
And on having searched for your words
I find kisses, caresses
and passions that devour us.

I love you in your soul, in your body
and as pact of love
I want to drink which hummingbird of your nectar
like marsmelows of thousand colors
that emanate from your sources
in the depths
of your harmony sea.

There I wish to live.


Remain naked
with your fresh breasts on my chest
and your vagina wrapping my erection.
Remain naked
so that I kiss you....so that I love you
so that I caress your figure with my lips
and mark the shores with fire.
Always remain naked
for me.