You are the teacher of you own self
the goddess Artemis who supports
the capital of the temple of love that looks at the sea
where the blind of your passion
walk adrift along the beach of the desire
Unable to resist to your beauty to your temptation
From there they recite prayers
to reach the way that will come to your love
and to be purified in the waters that outcrop
From the deep lake of your being
to be purified and to acquire conscience
being holders of the secret of the eternal life


I like the warmth and coldness of the women
because they have their own beauty
But you are the one who possess all these attributes
that includes the existence itself
This is your enchantment

You are the intensity of the totality of my life
since you know the secret of the moment
where I remain inebriated
devoted to your kingdom
where I penetrate to other dimensions of my being
and I give in to myself
acquiring the freedom of the ether
and again to immerse myself in you

I know that you can not resist
to your own temptation
you surrender
you open the way for me
to be able to go along the alleys of your being
and this way your own capitulation is your own transcendency


I want to be the concentration of fire
heat your happiness
be like toy of passions
that ignite your volcanoes

I dress you in lava of memories
to cross your skin path after path
undressing yours fears
Uncovering your laws
allowing the vehemences reign your body
in such a way that your soul ascends in radiant ether
and your body becomes divine race