You are a Light in Me that Beats far from you
You are a blood drop that runs for my body
in a long and sinuous trajectory that is mixed
with my history impregnated in yours

We are two entities composed of the same element
separated in time but where the tenuous substance
it is inseparable in the games of love and life
in the sensitive soul and in the astral body

You were a blow to my soul that is a part of the circle of energy
that filled us with tenderness and love
and it duplicated the way of prefacing our sleep
in the map of the imagination and the chest of illusion

Our pleasures are today prisoners of other bodies
where our souls are liberated playing
to the corporal exercises of sexuality
But we keep on being only one divinity because
we have reached the higher faculties of the senses of love


I have called on the doors of your temple to find
in the depths of you the most coveted treasure of love
where drops of nectar are dissolved in your flows
in enjoyment without interruption and without limits

You open slowly and teach me the doctrine of love
based on the philosophy of the harmony and delight
that allows me to reach the deepest part of your invitation
and to understand the language of your reverberations

Only then I will be able to enter without invitation
because it is not possible to visit the temple as guest
since in there a relationship is required
in the highest form of love

Is not a question of a relationship between bodies
we are two totals melting together you in me and me in you
in a silent and serene totality
in a deep and perfect union

Your thirsty hungry centre waits for me
without time in satisfying the thirst of your deepest fibres
every cell of your being lives in every second of my being
flowing in the more highest of mysteries

This union is between the known and the unknown
between the finite and the infinite
between the time and the eternity
between the seed and the flower
between the miracle and the prodigy
of our deep love and devotion

In this way together we will wait until spring comes
where pleasure and euphoria grows moreover
and the passion of the lovers blooms as the supreme event
where everything dissolves in you
  in a supreme and  total orgasm

We are a drop and an ocean
where we get lost one in each other
and our identities are dissolved
in the  finite that meets the infinite
and where every word goes to the core of your being
to understand our history


My soul wants to come to your terrestrial body
to be wrapped in energy of desire and pleasure
My mental horizon unfolds to draw
your astral luminosity with infinite flavor
My earthly body wants to savour you
in this material canvas knowing as life
Let's enjoy the union in the swaying of  pleasures
rhythm of the individual future destination of the lovers
Do not stop the dawns of our souls
that are the banners of the passions
covered with the color of  blood in the spirit of the soul
where we are inhabitants of the most secret cameras of the heart
in whom my beats have the transparent melody of your ether
There we are servants of love
 power that transforms the fragility and enigmas
in languages of secret and sacred rituals
that make shiver the men and humble the women