Love and hate coexist as universal law
as two sides of same coin
you choose and not choose the day
as also the night
light and shadows of life, day and night
halves of a whole as an essential part of being
You can live in the conscious or unconscious
as you have the option of choosing neither one nor the other
but both full day and night
and live the truth in your utter nudity
if you have chosen to love
you will live through a beautiful phenomenon
around the circumference of a perfect circle
whose center contains everything and rejects nothing
causing a revolution in your being
where you become your own architect
to build the deepest chapel in your soul
the most authentic experience of your life
because you have been discovered by love
and for the wisdom of your heart.


You live harmoniously in the deepest
of the immortality of my soul
in my memory where so many times
we love each other covering you
of tenderness, passion and pleasure
in illuminated combinations of fire and light
you live in the deepest darkness of my being
disappearing in the soil of my heart
to dissolve and then to germinate
like the most beautiful flower of the perfection
born of the gift of the pleasure of love


Loneliness does not hurt
me because you live in me
and my ear manages the way to
listen the rumors of your love
and to perceive the steps of the passion
that claim our presence in a kind of ecstasy
of vitality and immortality

In my solitude I put my thoughts
on the edge of the moon to draw the perfect circle
where love turns without beginning or end
and in this way learn to decipher the language of fondness
so that the nights are the two of us and before
the sunrise to offer love to overflow us

And in this way the harmony of
the universe will be our song Gathas
our sanctuary shelters our passion
that in the shape of sounds emits the emotions
emanating from our bodies
and in this way the purpose of our souls will
remain fulfilled with our persistences