The rebellious darkness hides a firefly in her womb,
where it curls up and fired magic flares
turning me the lantern that lights your dark forest,
where rest with love in you mystic busts the death and my silence.
Come, come closer, in your flora receives the levity of my desires,
let me open the lock of your aura
to be the prologue in the rich symphony of your divine swaying,
where you will listen to the prelude of my voice
to ride your mountain like an eagle
that saturates the wind with his wings.
Come, be my shadow,
enjoys playing with my harmonic dagger in your bedroom of sighs.
You say to me, I say to you,
you kiss me, I kiss you
we are unconscious wet roots
in tantric mystery.
Up on the moon will be heard
the return of the phoenix chanting sutras.
Come, let me undress to secret mandala,
and draw your entrails in honey.
Come and kiss me with your light my nobility
and then there will be born the dawn, two lights and a universe.

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