You live as I imagined in my mind
as a beautiful dream
of the tangible reality
Help me to look with your eyes
help me to look with your heart
help me to fly with your wings
yes to fly up to the end of the world,
to sow with love your fertile earth

I love you in the winter storm
in the autumn solitude
in the summer ardor
in the spring energy
and covering your body all seasons long
my hands remain pansies
with desires of keep touching you

You are the revolution of my feelings
you come where I never believed you could come
I enjoy every second that I have you
I can reach the sky caress it

Undresses for me in body and soul,
I find inside you
the secrets that you were keeping for me
I smile when I have you,
it is so easy if you are with me,
listen, do not doubt this is sincere
and I do not stop thinking about you

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